Slay Your Dragon

Recently, I had the privilege of helping Katherine Wintsch during a book signing event in Springfield, VA. She is a lovely person that I am thrilled to have met. Her message is enlightening and empowering. I was intrigued when I learned we had something in common. Different circumstances but when life knocked us down we […]

The Mentor and the Jackass….

I showed up for orientation, took the “Oath” and was assigned to my first position as a GS-01 Clerk Typist making $4.20 per hour (no more than 4 hours per day and 20 hours per week). This was non-negotiable. I learned so much in this first assignment. I learned about things called “Suspenses” and “Acronyms”. […]

My HR family…

Oh what a joy it was. I worked with the most fabulous people. The Human Resource people are the people that help you get hired in the government (definitely friends to have). In June, 1987 I graduated high school, turned 18 and moved in with my boyfriend–all within one week. I soon realized this boyfriend […]