Talk To Yourself

Daily affirmations….do you do them? I believe they help us grow as a person, build confidence, develop courage, achieve goals and feel good. I also believe what you put out to the universe comes back to you whether it be positive or negative. I find that when I talk positive to myself via reading daily […]

Make It Happen Mindset

I went, I saw, I learned –now I have to put it into Action. A few things about me, I am a visionary, I think with the end in mind, I believe if I can envision it I can make it happen, I thrive on mapping/planning out the details ~ however, in some areas of […]

Try It Tuesday

When is the last time you tried something? I am going to introduce you to “Try It for 10 Minutes Tuesday”. Pick something you have been wanting to do or procrastinating doing and do it for 10 minutes. It can be: Reading a book Doing Yoga Smile at each person you see Take the stairs […]