Wellness Wednesday

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! I am going to start today with a simple question –What makes you feel GOOD? Is it a certain food? How does exercise make you feel? Simply “Waking Up”? Prayer or Meditation? What is it about _____________ that makes you feel good? Do you do it consistently everyday? How did you […]

Try It Tuesday

When is the last time you tried something? I am going to introduce you to “Try It for 10 Minutes Tuesday”. Pick something you have been wanting to do or procrastinating doing and do it for 10 minutes. It can be: Reading a book Doing Yoga Smile at each person you see Take the stairs […]

Mindful Monday Mindset

How you start your day matters. Your mindset impacts your day. The more positive your mindset the more positive results of your day. When you wake up each day you have the opportunity to shape the day with your mindset. I practice the Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule to help me get out of bed […]

Sunday is Prep Day!

Good fabulous Sunday morning! Are you energized and ready to start the week? Tell me about it. What do you do to prepare for the upcoming week? I typically use Sunday as a prep day for the upcoming week. This is the day I get my head geared up for Monday (starts with prayer and […]

Behind Closed Doors

Do you think people are talking about you? They are. Do you think you are being watched? You are. I am not talking about gossipy negative stuff. I am talking about the real discussions that make or break your career. These are the discussions that the executives have about the up and coming people that […]


My how the time flies….I remember being 20 something and if I cut out one meal a day I could lose weight. For ladies along the way or in the same age bracket as me ~ we are in this together. I hope you enjoy my blog posts about my #FABFIT50 journey as I approach […]

This is how the journey began

I was a junior in high school and had no idea what path I wanted to pursue in life. A race car driver, train engineer, teacher, accountant, lawyer were careers that were of interest to me at the time. My classmates were chatting about a school program where you only had to go to class […]