We Are Taking The Leap

We (Sarah and Kelly) are creating a Work BFF Mentoring movement for women. Mentoring has been a passion of ours for over 15 years. We are taking our passion for mentoring out of the office and bringing it to you through The Mentoring Lab Podcast. We invite you to join us each week for a mentoring discussion between two work bff’s where we discuss key topics that affect women’s day-to-day work experiences, career and personal growth.

Let’s unpack these –Mentoring is seeking advice from a trusted person regarding where you want to go and how to get there.

A Work BFF mentor is a mentoring 10X — it is a work confidant, trusted advisor-listener, non-judgmental, tell you the truth, bounce ideas off, and straighten your crown not steal it person! And of course someone to laugh with, share embarrassing stories, and tell you it’s going to be ok!

A Work BFF mentor is typically familiar with the environment and culture of your organization, familiar with the people you work with, the people in leadership, knows you pretty good and genuinely wants to help you.

A Work BFF mentor truly want to see you succeed, even if that means telling you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. Of, course doing so in a kind and helpful way.

Careers are challenging, mentoring shouldn’t be! Let’s be work bff mentors.

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If you have a topic you would like us to discuss in an upcoming episode email it to host@thementoringlab.com

About Co-Hosts Kelly & Sarah

Hi friends, Sarah and I are thrilled to bring "The Mentoring Lab Podcast" where we serve as your Work BFF Mentors. For six years we have been called to do something bigger. We felt the nudge and the poke and now we are jumping all in to bring you The Mentoring Lab Podcast. The Work BFF you wish you had. Not everyone has a work confidant, a trusted advisor or listener, non-judgmental mentor, tell you the truth - real raw truth - talk to bounce ideas off - straighten your crown not steal it person. We are here for you. Each week we will discuss a topic relevant to early, mid or senior level careerists.