Jump on 2

A fabulous colleague once told me about a bunge jumping story that had her shaking in her shoes while standing on top of that ratty old bridge. She had committed to the experience and was super excited and then when she was standing on the bridge to make the jump she felt the fear coming over her, the instructor said we are going to count to 3 and then jump. The instructor started to count 1 – 2- and she jumped. She jumped because she knew that if she waited one second longer that was all she needed to talk her self out of it. So she jumped.

I feel like I am in the midst of a Jump on 2 experience. It certainly isn’t the same adrenialin rush like bunge jumping off a bridge but it is close. After years of observing entreprenuers launch businesses and generating ideas of all of the things I could totally do– I am going Jump on 2 and launch a podcast that I have been thinking about way too long.

Hindsight, I could have and should have taken the plunge 5 years ago when I first started to realize my talents and specifically my slight edge. I am excited to finally share it with a community of professionals I call my tribe.

The Mentoring Lab Podcast will launch on January 21, 2021 on all podcast platforms. In the meantime you can follow us on Facebook “The Mentoring Lab” or IG “The Mentoring Lab Podcast” .

About Co-Hosts Kelly & Sarah

Hi friends, Sarah and I are thrilled to bring "The Mentoring Lab Podcast" where we serve as your Work BFF Mentors. For six years we have been called to do something bigger. We felt the nudge and the poke and now we are jumping all in to bring you The Mentoring Lab Podcast. The Work BFF you wish you had. Not everyone has a work confidant, a trusted advisor or listener, non-judgmental mentor, tell you the truth - real raw truth - talk to bounce ideas off - straighten your crown not steal it person. We are here for you. Each week we will discuss a topic relevant to early, mid or senior level careerists.