Hi Friend, Let’s Connect…

Hi friends, some of you are long-time friends that remember my kinky permed hair and braces, some are newer that have gotten to know me through my social media reel.  Since social media is about connecting with people I thought I would share a little about me and invite you to connect.

I am a mom, wife, sister, friend, god-mommy, and boss babe.  I love the career I have made over the years doing what I do best (solution finder and get things done).  I have a remarkable team that makes the real magic happen (it truly doesn’t happen without them). 

Are you familiar with that scene in “Legally Blonde” where Elle hands the professors her scented resume on pink paper and they say, “did she just wake up one day and decide to go to law school?’   That is kind of how my journey started six years ago.  I woke up one day and decided I was going to train for and run the Army 10 miler.  The same thing happened with getting an MBA but I’ll save that story for another day. 

I had no experience as a runner, I didn’t know any of the runner language (5K, 10K, Half/Full).   I just knew it would require commitment, dedication and accountability.  At the same time, a friend invited me to join her health and fitness company.  I figured it could only help me with my running training so I joined.  

Six years later I am a healthy 50+ year old, that doesn’t require daily prescriptions, I still run/walk races (trying to get my bucket list 1/2 marathon done this year), I workout regularly, follow clean balanced eating and skincare practices, and truly enjoy living life on my terms. 

I found my joy in helping people learn and grow  —  Learn they had hidden talents that just needed a little mentoring to blossom — Learn about food and nutrition for lasting change —  Learn about fitness for better balance and mobility —  Learn about ingredients and labels for healthier skin and digestion. 

I am on a continuous growth journey and you are personally  invited to come along.  I often share about professional/personal development books I am reading (20+ since March), my fitness training journey, the clean eating and skincare regimen I follow, and blissful life as a #BOYMOM and shenanigans with my wildly fun daughter and of course my awesome golf fanatic husband that built indoor golf in our garage. 

About Co-Hosts Kelly & Sarah

Hi friends, Sarah and I are thrilled to bring "The Mentoring Lab Podcast" where we serve as your Work BFF Mentors. For six years we have been called to do something bigger. We felt the nudge and the poke and now we are jumping all in to bring you The Mentoring Lab Podcast. The Work BFF you wish you had. Not everyone has a work confidant, a trusted advisor or listener, non-judgmental mentor, tell you the truth - real raw truth - talk to bounce ideas off - straighten your crown not steal it person. We are here for you. Each week we will discuss a topic relevant to early, mid or senior level careerists.