Take Action Tuesday

A key take away from the motivational conference I attended over the weekend was from Rachel Hollis, “Applied Knowledge is Power”. That means when you apply what you know (or recently learned) you have the power to achieve your goals. The applied part is taking the necessary action, one step, one goal, one milestone at a time to make it happen.

Hopefully your answer is a resounding YES! Let’s do this. I always have several ideas swirling around in my head at any given time. The challenge is picking one thing to work on and take Action. I am infamous for doing things in multiples, for example, I typically read three to four books at a time and usually don’t finish any of them. Years ago I had made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t start a new book until I finished the book I was reading (it forced me to finish quicker and not procrastinate), it worked for a while but my mind thirsts for knowledge and here I am again with six books from the library and three of my own I am reading. I start multiple projects and try to work all of them at once – for some reason a octopus comes to mind when I visualize this. I sign up for online courses and typically don’t complete them (out of sight out of mind). The madness stops today! I am ready to Take Action to achieve my goals!

Take Action: I am going to commit to completing an online course I signed up for. It is 7 days in duration and probably only 20- 30 minutes a day. I have several other things I want to do but this action aligns with my goals and will get me closer to achieving them.

Next Steps: Make a list of all the “Action” items, prioritize by which ones align with goals and set milestones to achieve one goal at a time.

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