Make It Happen Mindset

I went, I saw, I learned –now I have to put it into Action.

A few things about me, I am a visionary, I think with the end in mind, I believe if I can envision it I can make it happen, I thrive on mapping/planning out the details ~ however, in some areas of my life that is where the magic ends. I can spend hours devising an amazing strategy for bringing an idea to fruition but then the fire sometimes fizzles. Not because I lose interest but because I am an idea generator!

The challenge for me is the ideas keep coming so once I set a plan for one idea another idea is blossoming and I get so excited I get distracted with the new idea (some may call it shiny object syndrome). I don’t want to ignore the new idea blossoming because I might miss the opportunity to turn it into something great. To help with this I created the “Idea Box” and when an idea is blossoming I jot it down on an index card and put it in the box. The intent is to not lose the idea and try to stay focused on the idea/project at hand. If you ever studied Albert Einstein he was like this. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Putting it into action requires an ACTION PLAN where I schedule in my planner and commit to doing it. It only happens if you are diligent and willing to do the work. A few tips to help execute my action plan and avoid distractions : Identify the specific task to be completed, Block it on the calendar/planner, List the sub-tasks for the task at hand, turn my phone on silent and leave it in the other room and set/use a timer for that task.

What ACTION steps will you commit to this week? Let me know! I want to hear from you.

About Co-Hosts Kelly & Sarah

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