So Inspired Sunday!

Friends, I am just returning from an amazingly fruitful and rewarding experience. First, let me tell you that I was very apprehensive to go to this event of 20,000 people I only know via social media solo. I was motivated to go because I wanted to hear Rachel Hollis keynote and I wanted to push my “courage” button. I heard on a podcast last Sunday that “Courage” is the willingness to jump into uncertainty~` well I did and it was so worth it. I definitely had uncertainty weighing on me; how I would feel (would I be nervous) and how I would react (would I be social or just quietly blend in)?

I pushed my courage button each day and I showed up and picked a seat in the middle of other people so I would have to say hello and introduce myself. Conversation generation is not one of my strengths so I wrote out 5 questions I would ask each person I met, hoping if I got a conversation started it would naturally keep going considering we must have things in common to be at the same event.

My biggest courage jump was ~ I took advantage of a opportunity for a professional photo shoot — mind you, it was with photographers I had never met! I made this experience all about being courageous and pushing myself to the person I envision I can be.

Your behavior shapes your identify. When you DO the things that mirror the person you want to be you will transform into that person. John Maxwell (one of my top 5 favs) says, “Change is inevitable, Growth is optional”. This quote really resonates with me as we can wake up each day with a stuck mindset or a growth mindset. I try to insert consistent growth activities into my life whether it be reading a personal/professional development book, setting a new fitness goal (complete 5 workouts in 5 days, go from 5K to 1/2 marathon and maybe a Triathlon in April), listen to Oprah and Deepak’s free 21 day meditation experience, trying something new or learn a new skill.

What holds you back? Push the courage button and go for it!

About Co-Hosts Kelly & Sarah

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