Self Care Saturday

With the fast pace and hustle and bustle of each day, when Saturday comes I try to SLOW it down by practicing self – care. Self-care is determined by you. It is what you do or desire that makes you feel good about you. It’s pretty simple for me, I typically do not get up at 4:30am on Saturday. I sleep in until about 7:30am or I just lay in bed and rest for a couple extra hours.

I have found that “quiet time” is a rare commodity these days so, I like to take a little quiet time out by the pool (during the summer) with a cup of coffee and my favorite dunkin donuts extra extra creamy creamer and a book or earbuds and a podcast. Or sometimes I just sit quietly and enjoy the warm sun shinning on me, the sound of the waterfall flowing to the pool and the perfectly timed breeze.

My mind is typically always on, analyzing the activities of the week, thinking of solutions to challenges or how I can make something better, or developing ideas for mentoring so to SLOW it down and just be still is a much needed form of self care. It helps clear my heard of all the noise and ground me for the week ahead.

Running is another form of self-care. As many will say, while running my head is clearer , stress is relieved, ideas are generating and I just feel energized to start the week.

Sometimes I use a mani-pedi for self-care. I love that I can get nearly a full body massage and not havee to expose anything except my calves and elbows. Those massage chairs are wonderful.

What do you do for self-care? What will you commit to doing this week?

About Co-Hosts Kelly & Sarah

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