Fitness Friday

How do you feel Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually? These are all connected and affect how we feel.

In February I was mortified when I stepped on the scale and saw a number that I hadn’t seen since I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe my weight had crept up like that. It affected me in several ways~ mentally I felt like a fitness failure, emotionally it made me sad, physically I was tired and spiritually I was demotivated.

At a Chuck E Cheese birthday party one of the beautiful moms had trained hard and completed a bikini competition a few months prior and inspired the other moms (including me) to want to do it. I quickly started putting things in motion. I solicited and researched several bikini competition coaches, spoke to friends, and asked for advice in FB groups.

I found a fabulous coach that was personable, patient and very knowledgeable. After our conversations and lots of thought, I decided, at my stage of life I wasn’t really interested in walking across a stage in a bikini but I wanted to train and be competition ready by my 50th birthday. Hence, #girlwegotgoals came alive. I hired Jenn Bertsch and we got started.

I joined a gym and followed the food and workout programs she provided. This one decision caused several chain reactions – my body was physically challenged every day by doing different workouts, my mind was mentally challenged by changing my routine and getting up at 4:30am each day, going outside in the cold (when I was spoiled with just going down to my basement to push play each day), I was emotionally challenged by pushing myself to get up and do this everyday for 60-90 minutes (sometimes I would look at the program for the day and say out loud, “she’s crazy”!) And spiritually, because I sometimes needed help to leap over the excuses and keep going.

What do you do to nurture and feed your body, soul and mind ~ physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

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