Behind Closed Doors

Do you think people are talking about you? They are. Do you think you are being watched? You are. I am not talking about gossipy negative stuff. I am talking about the real discussions that make or break your career.

These are the discussions that the executives have about the up and coming people that demonstrate abilities to be successful in their career. YOU definitely want to be one of the ones being watched and talked about behind closed doors. You want to be the rock-star employee that takes initiative and gets things done. You want to be the employee that is eager to take on new or different assignments. You want to be the employee that volunteers when help is needed. You want to be the employee that the executives see. You want to be the employee that the executives talk about when a new project or task comes up. You want to be the one whose name is on the table for succession planning as a candidate for the next promotion opportunity. The peculiar part is, you will never hear of these discussions and you will never know they took place. These discussions are held behind closed doors and that is where they stay until- it happens.

It was happening to me and I had no idea. I always worked hard and did what needed to be done (especially when no one else wanted to do it). One day while vacationing in San Francisco, California I receive a phone call from the CEO/Director’s loyal assistant ~ of course when I got the call saying the CEO/Director would like to speak to me my heart started to race and my palms got sweaty because in my mind it was like being called to the principals office. Little did I know it would be the call that changed the trajectory of my career.

The call went like this, “Hi Kelly, how is your vacation?” I said, it is fine. A few other pleasant exchanges about the Bay Area and he says, I am calling because this weekend on the golf course we were discussing who would be an ideal candidate to lead a new program for the Army and I think you would be a great candidate. What do you say? Of course, I said, sure I would be happy to. A week later when I returned from vacation I learned what I had agreed to. It ultimately resulted in the progression of my career to where it is today.


About Co-Hosts Kelly & Sarah

Hi friends, Sarah and I are thrilled to bring "The Mentoring Lab Podcast" where we serve as your Work BFF Mentors. For six years we have been called to do something bigger. We felt the nudge and the poke and now we are jumping all in to bring you The Mentoring Lab Podcast. The Work BFF you wish you had. Not everyone has a work confidant, a trusted advisor or listener, non-judgmental mentor, tell you the truth - real raw truth - talk to bounce ideas off - straighten your crown not steal it person. We are here for you. Each week we will discuss a topic relevant to early, mid or senior level careerists.